Dublin residents have been advised to boil water before drinking it following a water main break on Short Street Tuesday. The 6-inch rupture in the iron pipe caused a 12-hour city-wide water outage.

The boil notice will remain in effect until further notice from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

City Manager Jerry Guillory said the break happened between 1-2 a.m., and city staff immediately responded to the problem by stopping the water from spewing and manning phones as citizens called in to report the issue.

Crews from LeHigh Heidelburg Cement Group, a Fort Worth specialty repair company, patched the pipe by 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The city began filling up the pipes and purging lines to restore service early Tuesday afternoon, while crews slowly began filling and re-pressurizing the city's water lines.

Fire hydrants have been opened at strategic locations across the city to purge debris and bacteria from the lines.

The city is also working to return chlorine residual levels back to TCEQ standards.

Public works employees are now left with more work to do.

"A lot of the street has been eroded by the water," Guillory said.

Crews will begin filling in the hole that extended more than 10 feet deep and 15 foot wide and resurfacing Short Street.

The full impact the water main rupture had on the city is yet to be seen, however, Chamber of Commerce President Karen Wright said local businesses were affected.

"The impact was quite substantial for Dublin businesses," Wright said.

Wright heard reports that restaurants, hair dressers, meat processors and other businesses closed Tuesday due to the water loss.

"Anyone who requires water to operate was not open for business," Wright said.

Dublin ISD canceled classes on all campuses Tuesday, but Dublin High School Principal Vicky Stone said classes will resume today.