Following a Sunday accident, local resident Roxana Noriega, 24, remains hospitalized despite reports that the young mother of two was released from a Fort Worth hospital after being treated for minor injuries.

Noriega was penned in a late-model Ford Mustang following an accident that occurred after 3 a.m. She was finally rescued from the demolished vehicle and transported via air ambulance to John Peter Smith Hospital, where she remains.

According to Noriega’s mother, Mary Castorena, she underwent surgery to both of her feet shortly after the accident, but doctors were not able to fully repair the injuries she sustained. Castorena said it is unlikely doctors will be able to save two toes on her daughter’s right foot. Castorena said since the two toes went about 10 hours without blood circulating to them, the prognosis is not good. She said Tuesday that doctors will not know for another five to 10 days if Noriega’s toes can be saved and said medical professionals might also have to amputate a larger portion of her foot. Doctors will first use rods and wires to rebuild Noriega’s foot to determine if her other toes, which are also receiving little blood flow, will require removal.

“They want to first see what they can do to rebuild and save the rest of her foot,” Castorena said. “They do not want to have to perform a second amputation.”

In addition to her damaged foot, Noriega’s left leg sustained severe cuts from her groin all the way down to the bottom of her foot. In addition, ligaments and muscles in her ankle were repaired and a pin was inserted.

Castorena said doctors and other medical professionals at John Peter Smith, which she called a “state of the art trauma facility,” have been wonderful over the last few days.

Healing is the first hurdle facing the young mother and it is likely that rehabilitation will be needed to help her regain stability. Castorena said once she is released from the hospital, Noriega will move back home to fully recover.

Another hurdle will be the mounting medical bills since Noriega, like many young Erath County mothers, has no insurance. But Castorena said for now, the family is solely focused on healing and reuniting Noriega with her two children - Isaiah, 5, and Monica, 3.