Street work and utility line replacements could be on the way for certain parts of Stephenville.

The much-needed improvement will happen if the Stephenville City Council goes along with a committee recommendation made late Tuesday.

Proposed to be included in the 2007 Street Renovation Project, as suggested by the council’s Public Works Committee, are:

Northeast Area - Overhill Drive from Harbin to Garfield, Northeast Area - Crestridge from Cleveland to Mimosa, Northeast Area - Woodland from Crestridge to Mimosa, Northeast Area - Wildwood from Ash to Overhill, Southwest Area - Tarleton from Dale to Harbin, Southwest Area - Linda from Tarleton to Phelps, Southwest Area - Phelps from Dale to End, Southwest Area - N. Charlotte from Tarleton to W. Frey, Southwest Area - W. Phelps from N. Charlotte to Harbin, and Southwest Area - Lydia from Tarleton to W. Frey.

City Administrator Mark Kaiser said the streets chosen for the $500,000 of work were picked based on the fact that they are “high traffic areas” and on the “conditions of the streets.”

“I just want to compliment your choices,” council member Alan Nash said.

Nash said the chosen areas are definitely in need of work.

Last year, the city did about $300,000 of street renovation work covering 25,000 square yards. During the current fiscal year, the city budgeted $500,000 to do 41,000 square yards of work, according to Drew Wells, the city’s director of community services.

Also Tuesday, the council’s Public Works Committee recommended that the full council approve the 2007 Utility Line Replacement Program.

The Utility Line Replacement Program, according to city officials, will include:

The “replacement of dual 2-inch water lines with a 6-inch water line in Lydia Avenue from Tarleton Street to Phelps Street,” The replacement of an “existing 4-inch line with an 8-inch line on West Jones Street from Clinton Avenue to Ollie Avenue,” and Replacing the existing 2-inch line in Neblett Street to a 6-inch line from Vanderbilt Street to West Jones Street.

DOUG MYERS is Managing Editor of the Empire-Tribune. He can be reached at or (254) 965-3124, ext. 229.