I am writing to correct bogus and false statements which have been presented to the local community about Liberty Pressure Pumping’s operations located in Bluff Dale. Here are the facts:

Liberty Pressure Pumping is in the oil field service business. We built and operate a bulk sand facility in Bluff Dale. This sand (frac sand) is an important component in the completion of natural gas wells in our area. Our sand is made of the highest quality quartz (silica sand) as specified by the American Petroleum Institute standards. Among many other things, these standards mandate the purity of the quartz and the maximum dust limits.

There have been several comments referencing crystalline silica, and its potential health threat, but crystalline silica and silica are much different. The silicate in our product is not dangerous. Yes, overexposure to crystalline silica dust can cause health issues for workers. Liberty is, quite simply, storing frac sand or silica at the Bluff Dale plant. It is not crystalline silica.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) conducted tests on our facility last month. The storage facility passed every air analysis and environmental examination. Eight different tests proved there was no measurable release of either silica or crystalline silica from the plant. This is further proof that each facet of our operation is managed safely and well within the high standards set by the government and the industry.

The only relevant issue here is about permitting, not the environment, and we are working closely with state regulators to resolve the permitting issue.

Unfortunately, self-proclaimed “watchdogs” have targeted Liberty and used aggressive and untrue language about our products, practices and operations. As a new business neighbor, Liberty will be a significant taxpayer in Erath County. We are proud to be a productive member of the community and disappointed that the information that has been distributed and published is false, incomplete and appears to be an attempt to scare our neighbors.

We respectfully request our neighbors examine the true facts about the Bluff Dale plant. You will find a company founded in Texas, with Texas management, and strong environmental and worker safety records. We’re proud of our safe workplace and clean record. We’ve accomplished it because of our commitment to honesty, optimism and commitment to get the job done in the right way.


Dennis McKee


Liberty Pressure Pumping, L.P.