It’s probably safe to say that Rob Van Winkle “Vanilla Ice” won’t soon forget Ty Murray since he had his autograph tattooed on his bruised left calf Saturday night, according to Freddy Payne, Universal Tatoo artist. The tattoo included Murray’s slogan “Never weaken.”

CMT is producing “Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge” and Winkle and other celebrities are in town to participate in the upcoming reality show to air the first of six episodes on August 10.

Payne said about 10 p.m. on Saturday a camera man walked in to his studio and said Winkle wanted to get a tattoo and asked if it would be alright if they filmed the action.

Payne agreed and about 11 p.m. in strolled Winkle, rapper-musician, Murray, seven-time world champion bull rider, Raghib “Rocket” Ismail, former NFL player, Dan “Nitro” Clark, actor - American Gladiator, and Josh Haynes, UFC Fighter.

Payne said he was so nervous he never even thought about asking for payment.

“I have a hard time even getting my picture taken much less being on camera,” Payne said. “I could barely breathe.”

Payne said Murray brought a paper in with him that already had his signature and the words “never weaken.” He said he talked to Winkle about the design and what he was interested in.

From that point Payne said he retreated into his office hoping to be out of camera sight when Winkle said something like, “I want to help.”

Payne said everyone, including the cameramen, crowed around him in his office.

“I kept my head down and drew,” Payne said.

Payne said all of the celebrities were respectful and polite. He said they were all joking and cutting up and it was a really fun time for everyone including himself.

“They all had nice things to say about Stephenville and about the shop,” Payne said.

Payne said Winkle already has a lot of tattoos on his arms and back and apparently he commemorates his life’s events with tattoos.

Payne said he has been a tattoo artist for more than nine years but this is the most famous person he has ever worked for.

“The last thing he said was, ‘It’s perfect,’” Payne said. “He was really cool. I found him to be very genuine and just down to earth.”