A group of fifth and sixth graders at Gilbert Intermediate are making it easy to be green. They are selling Earth Day shirts through Friday, hoping to bring awareness to the issue and to paint the town green on April 22.

Valerie Burns, who teaches study skills at Gilbert, and her fifth and sixth grade classes started a project to educate the campus about Earth Day. They are selling green T-shirts for $5 each and $6 for extra-large sizes before school and during lunch, encouraging students and community members to wear them on Earth Day.

Fifth grader Colton Bramlett has been helping out during lunch.

Its really cool because were recognizing our environment and school, Bramlett said.

Several of Burns sixth grade students submitted T-shirt designs. The class voted and chose a design drawn by sixth grader Esther Avilez.

We need to celebrate Earth Day to save the earth, Avilez said.

Burns said students have run the project from beginning to end. From designing the shirts to making posters, announcements and even designing order forms and counting money, they handled every aspect of the promotion.

With more students than work, Burns has kept the students busy with additional projects.

Adriana Rivas, sixth grade, came up with the idea of selling green pencils for 50 cents and buying a plant for the campus with the money.

Fifth grader Kenzie Roan helped make an ecological chain.

For the people who buy a shirt, we put their name in the chain and every five names we put on an endangered animal - so its like, dont break the chain, Roan said.

I think its very good for the environment, said Dylan Howle, a sixth grade helper. Its important to save the earth.

But the project has taught the students much more.

Charlie Benton, a sixth grader, helps sell the pencils during lunch.

It teaches us how to be in a business, Benton said.

I think it should be a yearly thing at Gilbert, said fifth grader Ryan Weidemann.

Friday is the last day to order a T-shirt. Sales are available from 7:30-8 a.m. and 11:40-12:20 p.m.

Friday, April 3, is the last day to buy a pencil.