Dear Editor,

I read U.S. Representative John Carter’s Sunday column, “Celebrating our fine nation’s Independence” commemorating July 4th, and was repulsed by the hateful partisan rhetoric contained therein. Get ready for some 1st Amendment fireworks, citizens, cause here it comes!

Mr. Carter writes: “In the spirit of this being the season of report cards, I figured it would be appropriate for me to update you on how the [Democratic Majority] Congress is doing.” WRONG! It is NOT the time to be spewing forth right-wing filth and propaganda…Independence Day is supposed to be a celebration of our country’s birth where we put aside personal differences and celebrate a shared common heritage!

It is highly inappropriate and unbecoming for a servant of the people to “use (take advantage of) our greatest American holiday as a publicity stunt to attack Democrats while in the same breath expounding upon the virtues of America (as if Republicans were ‘real’ Americans and Democrats were not!). SHAME! SHAME! SHAME ON YOU! What a disgraceful display of how not to act! And you want to lecture us about the meaning of bravery and freedom! I don’t think so.

In your article, you imply that it has been ‘a year” since Democrats have been in power in Congress - untrue! It’s only been a matter of months and you expect us to fix all your screw-ups since 2001? Give me a break! How many vetoes has lame-duck Bush issued to obstruct progress in Iraq (time-tables) and to help the sick/elderly/dying with stem-cell research? And hey, we can’t get an overriding majority because of rubber-stamp drones like you!

You complain that the Democrats are always wanting to raise taxes…well we’re in a war and we have a trillion-dollar deficit…that’s sound economic policy! Duh! At least we raised minimum wage! Mr. Carter, and some like-minded Republicans, never miss an opportunity to borrow and spend money adding to the deficit and placing unfair financial burdens on our children, not to mention throwing away any opportunity to fix Social Security and Medicare. But they’ll always buy your votes by never raising taxes.

Mr. Carter, furthermore, has the audacity to blame high gas prices on Democrats! But I believe it is Mr. Carter who has 1-5 million moolah worth of stock in Exxon Mobil!

Furthermore, it’s not the Democratic Party who is playing “politics” with our troops…it is Bush and war-hawk Republicans like yourself! Democrats honor our troops’ efforts and support them by working to get them home! They’ve done enough! Iraq needs to be turned over to the Iraqis…it’s their own civil war…and it’s not about your [appeal to fear] terrorism! Bring them home!

Patriot Michael Snyder