Fires ignited across North Central Texas in the heat of Friday's red flag fire warning and continued throughout the afternoon.

At about 10:30 a.m., Erath County fire fighters responded to a grass fire that was spreading rapidly out of control due to high winds.

The fire, which started on State Highway 220, was contained to an estimated 80 acres after fire crews arrived at the scene and extinguished the flames.

Departments from Erath, Hood and Somervell counties were able to save multiple homes and other structures from the fire that inched dangerously close to them.

"It's been a long day," said Erath County Volunteer Fire and Rescue coordinator Chris Gable after more than five hours of battling smoke and fire.

The fire was reportedly ignited beneath an over-heated vehicle that had veered off of the roadway.

Fire fighters remained on scene after the fire was extinguished to ensure that flames did not re-ignite.

But Erath wasn't the only county touched by fire Friday. Fire fighters in neighboring Somervell and Bosque counties battled two wildfires, approximately seven miles northeast of Walnut Springs.

The larger fire began in Bosque County but spread across county lines into Somervell County.

Firewalls that measured more than 16 feet tall reportedly spread smoke further north than Cleburne. Witnesses at the scene estimated hundreds of acres had been consumed.

It is unknown if there were any structural losses, but some communities were reportedly evacuated due to the risks of the spreading blaze.

After controlling fires at home, Erath County fled to assist extinguishing the Somervell County flames.

Back at home hours later, fire officials responded to an area near the intersection of US Highway 281 and State Highway 6 in the early evening hours, according to ECVFR Chief Kenneth Howell.

Howell said fire departments from across Erath County manned hoses to battle flames jumping 50-60 yards and through thick brush.

The National Weather Service immediately reissued a red flag warning after it expired shortly after 3 p.m. Friday. The warning expired Saturday morning.

County officials continue to urge residents to avoid activity that could spark a fire such as welding, outdoor grilling, shredding and other risky activities.

The county-wide burn ban remains in effect in Erath and surrounding counties, violators who cause a fire face a $500 fine.