In the spirit of summer fun and a successful school year, students at Hook Elementary were awarded for their academic achievements Thursday and then treated to a morning of entertainment with a fourth grade talent show and special treat from the school’s faculty.

After the awards were presented, parents and students kept their seats and the teachers readied themselves to dazzle the crowd that filled the school’s auditorium.

Spirits were high as fourth graders took the stage performing musical numbers, dance routines, tumbling tricks, comedy skits and a little bit of magic. One student even performed golf tricks.

Following the students’ portion of the talent show, fourth grade teachers took the stage and had students busting their guts as they performed “The First 12 Days of School,” a musical number set to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas.

The teachers even donned costumes that vividly portrayed their portion of the song as they sang with gusto to the tune of the Christmas carol as Special Education teacher Nan Goodman led the group as chorus leader and piano player.

The song goes like this:

On the first day of school my student said to me “When is it time for recess?”

On the second day…”I don’t have a pencil!”

On the third day… “Do I have to write in cursive?”

On the fourth day… “Is this for a grade?”

On the fifth day… “Bob’s eating his boogers!”

On the sixth day…”What do you mean I need a haircut?”

On the seventh day … “I’ve already turned that in!”

On the eight day…. “Can I go to the nurse?”

On the ninth day… “How many days ‘til school’s out?

On the tenth day… “Is it PE today? I forgot my shoes!”

On the eleventh day… “Do I have to use my strategies?”

On the twelfth day… “Nobody will play with me!”

Teachers Donna Huckabee, Donna Curtis, Debbie Moerman, Kim Fimbel, Daphne Jones, Angela Withers, Jodi Larner, Robin Kimbrough, Kelly Ray, Jill Heupel, Betsy Choate and Fraun Polasek (AKA Bob), showed that in the love and war of education, there is always time for fun and the last day of a successful school year is always a reason to celebrate.