Stephenville’s early Monday morning thunderstorm provided a healthy start to the March rainfall report.

The rain totaled .64 of an inch. The moisture was accompanied with strong north winds, small hail, heavy thunder and vicious lightening. Within a short time, the temperature plummeted about 30 degrees from the mid-60s to the mid-30s.

The February rain report is a different story. For the fifth consecutive month, rain in February was below average. Only 1.79 inches fell last month. Average amount for February is 2.10 inches. During the 29-day month, moisture was noted on five dates -

.79 - February 4

.38 - February 12

.02 - February 15

.60 - February 16

Trace - February 21.

Total rainfall for the first two months of the year is 2.59 inches, which compares with an average amount of 3.80 inches - a deficit of 1.21 inches. The average rainfall for March is 2.30 inches.

Dr. Chilton is a retired educator-journalist. He lives in Stephenville and occasionally writes for this newspaper.