His second amendment right to bear arms kept a man from going to jail Monday morning after he was spotted walking down the street with a shotgun in tow.

According to Stephenville Police Chief Roy Halsell, a police officer was driving north on Graham Street when he spotted the unidentified white male walking near the Graham Street Bridge with a double barrel shotgun propped on his shoulder.

Halsell said the officer went back to check on the man and additional officers responded to the scene.

When approached by the officers, Halsell said the man would not cooperate with their repeated requests.

"The man refused to give up his gun," Halsell said.

Halsell said the man began reciting the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and his individual right to bear arms.

While he would not hand over his gun to officers, Halsell said the man eventually allowed the butt of the shotgun to rest on the ground.

Halsell also said the man pointed at his chest and requested that officers shoot him.

As officers and the armed man stood on the bridge, another police officer tasered him from behind. As the gunman fell backwards over the guardrail, he was quickly grabbed by officers.

"The officers took custody of the gun and the man," Halsell said. "He was not arrested but he is currently awaiting help from MHMR (Mental Health and Mental Retardation).