Tuesday was a sleepless night for SISD Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd and others who worked tirelessly to promote the $34 million bond package  - and convince voters that the district's elementary students need improved educational facilities - only to see their efforts disappear in a puff of smoke.

When election returns came in Tuesday, Floyd was surprised to learn the measure had failed.

"I thought it would be close," Floyd said Wednesday morning. "I thought it would pass."

Floyd described the mood among teachers and school officials Wednesday as "somber."

"Everyone is very disappointed," Floyd said. "But this is not about us, it's about the kids, and sometimes that gets lost in the process."

Floyd and supporters of the bond package worked hard for weeks leading up to early voting to educate the public about the district's needs. The group held 47 informative meetings with various service organizations, clubs and groups to discuss the needs of elementary campuses and outline their deficiencies.

But in the end, it wasn't enough.

Floyd said he believes two factors played a role in the measure not passing - the state of the economy and the national backlash.

Now, he is left to rally his troops and move forward. 

He said the board of trustees will discuss where to go next when they meet Nov. 15. One option Floyd wants to consider is to conduct surveys.

"We need to find out why it didn't pass," he said. "And what, if anything, do people want us to do differently."