Ragan Wood is one of millions of young boys nationwide who collect football trading cards. The Stephenville eight-year-old has cards featuring LaDanian Tomlinson, Roy Williams and Julius Jones, among many others. His favorite, however, is a brand new rookie card of a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who has yet to play a single down of professional football. Young Ragan is the proud owner of one of the very first cards featuring former Stephenville Yellow Jacket Kevin Kolb.

Ragan found the Kolb card in a random pack selected off the shelves of the Stephenville Wal-Mart SuperCenter, while shopping with his grandmother, Danette Wood, and cousin Jase Kleidrink.

“I had the boys with me, and they both wanted packs of cards,” Mrs. Wood said. “I told them they could each pick out one pack.”

“What are the odds of buying that one pack and getting that one card?” asked Ragan’s father, James Wood, who has already been offered $100 for the card from co-workers at Square-1, Inc.

“I wouldn’t sell that card for a million bucks!” Wood exclaimed. “Ragan goes to all the Stephenville football camps and is a huge fan. The card means too much to him. He wants to get it signed at some point. That’s the goal now.”

The Kolb card could not have possibly found its way into the hands of a family who loves sports more than the Woods. Grandmother Danette, who purchased the pack of cards, was the football sweetheart in her hometown of Richland Springs, where she met her future husband, Don.

Ragan himself plays SPARD youth football. He recently played for Coach Daniel Martin on the Trojans, and earned the nickname “Brick.” He is also a regular at Yellow Jacket football camps, where he placed first this summer in his age division’s 20-yard dash competition.

Like many local football fans, the Wood family has admired Kolb’s gridiron prowess since his playing days at SHS. Grandfather Don Wood tells the story of a family member with coaching experience from Washington state, who visited Stephenville when Kolb was in high school. Wood took his guest to the high school to check out the facilities, and they saw Kolb hard at work in the weight room.

“(My guest) told me. ‘that boy there will make a great quarterback if he gets some special coaching.’ I guess we’re going to have to call and tell him Kolb must have got that special coaching somewhere along the way,” the elder Wood said.

The card is believed to be one of the first in circulation, since Kolb is a rookie and has yet to begin his first regular season. This particular model is from the Score company, which produces cards featuring athletes in all major professional sports.

On the front of the Score card, Kolb is shown in his Eagles uniform. The word “rookie” is inscribed in text running vertically from bottom to top on the left side of the card. The back shows his college stats from the University of Houston, where Kolb played for former Stephenville coach Art Briles.

Below the stats, a brief summary of Kolb’s collegiate career reads: “Kolb started from his first day on the Houston campus, throwing for 3,133 yards and 25 touchdowns as a true freshman in 2003. He also threw just six interceptions that season.”

The monetary value of the card will change through the years, as Kolb goes through the ups and downs of life in the NFL. It’s the sentimental value that makes it a prized possession for a young future Yellow Jacket like Ragan Wood.