Registered Erath County voters will soon see a second blue and white voter card in the mail due to a print error.

“The first set of voter’s cards we mailed out had the wrong Congressional District. They had Congressional District 01,” said Erath County Voter Registrar Jennifer Carey. “The new ones we mailed out have District 31 on them, which is the correct district for Erath County.”

Carey said although replacements have been mailed, either voter card will work because the bar code and other information on the first set of cards is correct.

“We just thought it was better to have the correct Congressional District on there,” Carey said. “When (voters) get the new cards, they should just destroy the old ones.”

Registered voters in Erath County who did not receive the blue and white cards should also heed Carey’s additional advice. Carey said any voter who has moved will not receive their card.

“The cards cannot be forwarded and have been returned to us,” Carey said. “We have about 2,700 cards now.”

Voters can fix their correct address by visiting the Erath County Tax Office in person at 320 W. College Street in Stephenville from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Updated addresses should be changed quickly because voters will need their cards in just three months.

“They need to have these cards for primary elections, which are coming fast,” Carey said.