The Bush administration is at it again, wanting to open the border to 100 Mexican-based companies with an unknown number of trucks despite strong opposition from the American public and congress.

On May 15, the House of Representatives voted 411-3 to block cross border trucking with Mexico. Parts of this bill was signed into law with the Iraq

Funding Bill. H.R. 1773 called the safe American Roads Act of 2007 was never

pursued by the Senate.

If you are concerned for your familyís safety while driving on our nationís highways, national security, and the environment, contact your senators now at the U.S. Capital switchboard (202)-224-3121. Give them your zip code and they will connect you with your representatives.

One member of the house and two senators all need to hear from you. It may already be open by the time this is published, but call anyway.

This will effect everyone no matter where you live or what you do to earn a

living. Call now!

Rex Bolling