Medicare does not call and solicit personal banking information over the phone. And if you get a call asking for such information from someone claiming to be from Medicare, hang up.

It’s a scam.

Since Monday, the Stephenville Police Department has received an estimated 10 reports from senior citizens complaining that someone claiming to be from Medicare called and asked for credit card and checking account information.

The citizens who alerted the police did not comply with the request, but authorities are concerned that others might have.

“We want to warn the citizens that this is happening in our area,” Detective Sha King said. “Medicare will never call and ask for that type of information.”

King said anyone who has given out any personal banking information over the phone recently should check the status of their checking and credit card accounts.

“We are urging citizens to never give out that type of information over the phone unless you initiate the telephone call or know you are dealing with a reputable company,” King said. “These people will drain your bank accounts.”