Dennis Rickman and Sergio Velez say there is nothing they enjoy doing more than skateboarding.

The local 15-year-old skaters spend hours every day practicing their technique and learning new tricks. And on Saturday, the boys - as well as many other skateboard enthusiasts — will have the opportunity to show off their skills during the first-ever skateboarding exhibition from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at Stephenville City Park.

“We are real excited,” Rickman said. “We can’t wait.”

Brenda Brown, SPARD recreation superintendent, said she is looking forward to the exhibition and hopes the public will come out and support the kids who have worked hard to make the event happen.

“This event is a great opportunity for these kids to showcase their talent,” Brown said. “It means a lot to them. It’s going to be awesome.”

Brown said Coca-Cola will provide drinks and Dominos will provide pizza to the participants.

Meanwhile, Rickman and Velez say they are beginning to feel a lot like local celebrities after being on the radio to promote the event and now in the newspaper.

“It’s cool. We’ve passed out a lot of fliers around town and I hope they show up,” Rickman said. “There are going to be a lot of local skaters there and a couple of skate teams from other towns.”

Before the city constructed the skate park, Rickman and Velez said they would skate anywhere they could.

“We would skate at the school, at Tarleton - anywhere they wouldn’t kick us out of,” Rickman said.

So if you’re in the market Saturday to see some “tray flips” or a few “backside kick flips,” swing by the skate park and watch some local talent strut their stuff.