Fresh, young and energetic are just a few of the characteristics employers at Tarleton's Spring Job Fair said they were looking for in new hires.

"We're looking for excited young people with enthusiasm and energy," said Len Newsom with Sunterra, an Austin-based landscape design company.

Sunterra is not alone. More than 40 employers with open positions sought that same vibrance Wednesday.

Companies are looking for new ideas to keep their businesses thriving - and looked to Tarleton's Spring Job Fair to fill their needs.

"We need fresh faces to fill our needs in graphic design," said Kristin Johnson with Barefoot Athletics.

Companies have enjoyed the quality of candidates they find at Tarleton.

"We hear all the time how impressed companies are with our graduates,"said Katrina Windham, Career Services program specialist.

Schreiber Foods attended the fair for the first time this year. The cheese producer wanted to take advantage of the talent produced from Tarleton, according to human resources team advisor Tiffany Taylor.

"We have open positions," Taylor said. "What better way to fill them than with Tarleton graduates?"

The Spring Job Fair is one of four that Tarleton's Career Services offers.

"We're committed to student success in the job search throughout the year," Windham said.