Former Stephenville High School and University of Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb has hit the jackpot.

Coached by ex-SHS coach Art Briles at the University of Houston, Kolb signed a four-year, $4.32 million contract Wednesday with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kolb, the Eaglesí first pick in the April draft, was chosen in the second round with the 36th overall pick.

"Iím pumped," Kolb told the Houston Chronicle after signing the contract. "It was getting down to the wire, and everyone was getting a little antsy. Iím excited. My familyís excited. I hope the Eagles are just as excited as we are."

According to the Chronicle, Jeff Nalley of Houston-based Select Sports Group negotiated the contract that includes $2.62 million in guaranteed money ó an 11.5 percent increase over what the 36th pick made in 2006.

Kolb threw for 3,809 yards and 30 touchdowns his senior year at Houston, earning Conference USA offensive player of the year honors. He was a finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award last year.

Kolb expects to learn a lot from quarterback Donovan McNabb, the Eaglesí starting quarterback who missed the last six games of 2006 because of a knee injury.

"He's helped me a lot," Kolb told the Chronicle about McNabb. "I'm anxious to get into the season and see how he handles everything as a whole ó wins, losses, trouble on the field, trouble with the media, everything. I know he does a great job of that. I've seen it already.

"The biggest thing for me is just sitting back and watching. Heís definitely a good one to learn from, and heís very open with everything he does."

While Kolb plans to be prepared, thereís a possibility he wonít take a snap in a regular season game as a rookie.

"Whatever happens, happens," Kolb told the Chronicle. "Iíll roll with the punches. I love the opportunity I have.

"Obviously, I'm the last in line right now. As long as Donovan stays healthy, he's the guy. We all know that. He's (McNabb) very talented and still has a lot of years to play."