Vote to make Hico ‘wet’ fails


Most things will stay the same in Hico and Dublin after Saturday’s election.

Hico voters decided to keep the city “dry,” defeating a proposal to allow alcohol package sales.

Dublin Mayor James “Red” Seigars gets to keep his current title. He won the mayor’s race with a whopping 163 votes (58 percent). Tom Gordon trailed with 82 votes (29 percent) and Arthur “Gil” Gilbert with 37 votes (13 percent).

“I appreciate them (opponents) running a good clean campaign,” Seigars said. “I hope they’ll work with the city and do what’s right for the citizens.”

Dublin city council results are as follows:

Incumbent Tommy Sperry narrowly defeated Jack Thompson, former council member, in Ward 3. Sperry won with 17 votes, just one vote more than Thompson’s 16.

Jimmy Williams defeated incumbent Melba Reed in Ward 4 with 26 votes compared to Reed’s 19.

In Dublin’s school board race Don Keith won the three-year full term seat with 239 votes defeating Rodney Teten who had 126 votes.

Sammy Moore won the two-year unexpired term defeating Gary Almquist with a landslide 257 votes to 72 votes.

Meanwhile, Hico will remain a “dry” town because alcohol package sales lost by even more votes this year than last year. The final tally was 288 to 254 with about 600 of the city’s registered 900 voters turning out.

Hico city alderman races had eight individuals competing for three seats.

Incumbent Linda Koonsmen won with 346 votes. Ed Pettitt, a former council member, won with 285 votes, and John “Bo” McClammy, also an incumbent, retains his seat with 248 votes.

The other five individuals trailed. Mark Flowers received 186 votes, Anthony Cummings (current member) - 180 votes, Shelly Moore - 138 votes, Michael York - 81 votes and Sarah York - 61 votes.