Election’s over, now’s the time for serious business

The election is over.

In the coming months, the Stephenville City Council will be deciding on a number of important issues, including whether to build a new recreation hall, a new swimming pool, a new library, and a new senior citizen center.

The council will be deciding the tax rate for the next fiscal year, employee staffing, and identifying what street and other improvements the city needs to make.

Among other things.

Now is the time for the newly elected Stephenville City Council members to get on board and take care of the important business.

Voters have put their trust in you.

Place 1 candidates - incumbent Cyndi Godwin and challenger Pat Shelbourne - are definitely taking the election seriously, answering reporter questions and campaigning as if they want to win.

Ditto for Place 7 incumbent Mark Murphy and challenger Robert Burns, who continue to show how much they want to serve on the city council by campaign vigorously and not shying away from the tough issues.

Former candidate D. Ray Elder recently dropped out of the Place 7 race for unspecified “personal reasons,” leaving Murphy, Burns and Virginia Abel in the battle for the spot. Elder should be commended because he got out of the race at a time when he knew he couldn’t give 100 percent to it.

We hope Abel, in the coming days, will be able to put as much into the race as Murphy, Burns, Godwin and Shelbourne have.

Thus far, she hasn’t.

And that’s a shame, especially at a time when voters need to know the stances of those running for office and when those who are elected will be facing such important issues.