The White House denies it's taking too long to make a decision concerning Afghanistan war strategy?

That's exactly what's going on.

Time is an enemy, too, when it comes to U.S. soldiers' lives at risk because our force is not strong enough to beat down al-Qaida terrorists for good.

This terrorist infiltration in Afghanistan, and into next-door Pakistan, is tricky to beat due to the hiding places afforded by the area's topography, the cultures of the peoples and the spreading of "hate America" being used as a weapon.

Our generals will settle for 40,000 more troops, believing they are needed to ensure victory. There are now 67,000 troops there.

President Barack Obama has yet to decide if that's the right move. Like plucking rose petals: Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Meanwhile, time's a ticking, and in times of war that means a time bomb is ticking.

We like the way former Vice President Dick Cheney put it. Obama is "dithering," he said, as other Republicans join him in contending the decision is taking too long.

We contend the right move is to give our professionals-at-war the manpower they need to do the job we trust them to do. We have the know-how to win this war, thus securing peace from organized terrorism around the world and a free choice of government for the peoples of Afghanistan.

We also contend we get out of that country if Obama is not just "dithering," but instead has no intentions of listening to his generals.

It makes no sense to let this become another Vietnam, a war we don't allow ourselves to win, and at the cost of thousands of American, U.N. and Afghan lives.

In the meantime, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says it's interesting that Republicans have a pattern of blaming Obama for the trouble started when they were the majority in Congress.

Now that's "dithering."

It's time, right now, to make the important decision for our country.

We say give top commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal 40,000 additional troops. Let's win … not dither.

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—El Paso Times