A woman fleeing from authorities after skipping a scheduled court date has been apprehended in Colorado.

Breckley Ables, 34, of Stephenville, was arrested by investigators with the Saguache County Sheriff’s Department shortly before midnight Saturday. She is currently being held at a detox facility and has yet to be formally booked into the county jail, according to Deputy Carol Gustin.

“She (Breckley) is in detox right now and under observation for heroin use,” Gustin said.    

Authorities issued a warrant for Ables’ arrest after she failed to show up for her March 9 court date, when she was scheduled to face trial in the 266th Judicial District Court for drug possession.

Gustin said Saguache investigators received a tip that Ables was traveling to Saguache County from Denver and was going to be dropped off at a local diner. The diner, however, was closed and investigators later made a random stop of the vehicle she was traveling in.

“She told them (investigators) her name was Amber L. Ables, but she gave them the right date of birth,” Gustin said. “That’s when they knew they had her.”

Saguache County is approximately 280 miles southwest of Denver.

Ables, who has two prior felony forgery convictions, now faces additional charges including bail jumping, failure to appear and drug possession. She also has two cases pending against her, including theft of a firearm and hindering apprehension of a felon. 

District Attorney Jason Cashon said his office will file an application to have her returned to Texas as soon as possible.

“A lot of times, these people think they can run from their problems, but they don’t go away,” Cashon said. “Eventually they make a mistake, and when they do, we find them. This time, it didn’t take Breckley Ables very long to make her mistake.”