Authorities seize items believed to have

been stolen

E-T Staff Report

Erath County Sheriff’s deputies assisted the Texas Cattle Raisers Association in arresting a man last week believed to be harboring stolen goods.

Byron George Light was arrested at a residence near Lipan in Erath County, Sheriff Tommy Bryant said. Among the items recovered were rifles, a shotgun, flatbed and cattle trailers, a tractor and a live grenade. Bryant said most of the stolen goods came from Oklahoma and were brought to the area to exchange for drugs.

The TCRA typically investigates cases involving stolen livestock and farm equipment.

Bryant said the sheriff’s department became involved in this case at the request of investigator Howard Brittain.

Light, 35, was held on a 30,000 bond and has been released. He could face additional charges including possession of an explosive device, a second-degree felony.