The Tarleton Area Amateur Radio Club will hold a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) from 9-11:30 a.m. Saturday.

The purpose behind the exercise is to give ham radio operators practical experience, and the public a chance to view what they do.

“This is a really fun event and it gives us an opportunity to hone our skills in the field just like we would do in an emergency situation,” said Larry Barr, assistant emergency coordinator for Erath County.

The exercise will take place at various locales throughout Stephenville, with the base of operations at Optimist Jaycee Park. The public is invited to stop by and watch.

Anyone listening to amateur frequencies Saturday morning will hear communications relating to damage, fire, flood and injuries. The operators will use the words “simulation,” “drill” and “test” during the exercise.

“We want the public to know that this event is taking place because those who have scanners might hear something about a tornado or flood - and not that this is a test,” Barr said. “We don’t want to cause an inadvertent panic.”  

The exercise will use frequencies 147.360 MHz, 146.580 MHz and 146.550 MHz.