Calvin Wells of Cataula, Georgia, graduated Huckabay High School in 1945. However, after 62 years that have taken him around the world, Wells has never forgotten his old school and the people at Huckabay.

In an announcement made by his longtime friend and fellow classmate, Huckabay resident Ercil Davis at the recent Huckabay Homecoming, Wells has set aside $100,000 for the Huckabay School to use at the discretion of the administration. The presentation was presented to current Huckabay School board president, Albert Hale, who made the acceptance speech.

“This money will always go to the Huckabay School as long as there is a school, Mr. Wells stipulated,” said Hale. “Well, there will always be a Huckabay School and we are very grateful that this former graduate has faith in us and in our students and the community."

In addition to the gift to Huckabay School, Wells, a professed lover of animals has set aside an additional $100,000 to be paid upon his death to the Erath County Humane Society. "Well, it might be even more," he said in a telephone interview. "For the past 35 years I've had from 2 to 7 and even 8 dogs and up to 20 cats which have given me great pleasure. I want to do what I can to take care of those animals out there that do not have anyone to love them."

Gail Johnson, president of the board for the Erath County Humane Society. said, "Without generous, caring folks like Mr. Wells, we would find it hard to keep the doors to the shelter open. We truly appreciate this wonderful gift and send our heartfelt thanks to him."

Calvin Wells was born at Shelby, a small community between Lingleville and Huckabay, February, 1928. The family moved to a farm at Huckabay in 1932 and that's where Calvin received his public school education. He graduated in 1945 and was drafted into the army at age 18 where he trained as a medic and was sent to Japan.

"Tokyo was a real mess after the war," Wells said. "I was stationed there for awhile and then assigned as a medic to a ship. We carried German prisoners of war from Japan and China via the Mediterranean Sea to Germany."

Wells was discharged when his service was fulfilled and went to work in Fort Worth until the Korean War then he joined the navy and was assigned to the Marines. He spent part of '51 and '52 as a front line combat medic in Korea and again was discharged in 1954. He rejoined the army in 1956 and served in Germany for four and a half years. Wells spent the rest of his time in the service between Fort Benning, Georgia and Tokyo and was ward master for three years taking the wounded from Vietnam. When he retired from the service in 1970, he was chief ward master.

Since retirement, Wells has lived in Georgia, first as a tool and die maker and has raised muscadine grapes for sale for the past 15 years.

He has a comfortable home on ten acres outside Cataula where he enjoys the companionship of his dogs and cats.