Stephenville High School Band Director Mike Childs was injured in an early morning accident Tuesday when a pickup struck the bicycle he was riding.

“I ride my bike in the mornings for exercise,” Childs said. “It was still dark and I was on 377 headed south.”

Childs said a pickup was at the intersection of Harbin Street and 377, but the driver did not see him enter the road. The truck struck Childs, pushing his tires out from under him.

The director suffered a broken collarbone on the right side, bruised knuckles on his left hand and road rash. He missed a couple days of school, but said he should be back to work today.

Despite having to wear a splint on his right shoulder for a couple weeks, Childs said he still plans on conducting in the band’s upcoming UIL competition.

“Even if I have to use my left hand to conduct, I’ll figure out a way to do it,” Childs said.