Will Durand and his classmates were shocked when a small class project became a whopper of a tale.

In February, Hook Elementary third graders each received a cabbage to nurture and watch grow as part of a study on the stages of a plant's lifecycle.

Everyone was able to pick their own plant, and Will chose for the smallest one.

"I didn't care which one I got, I knew they all would grow the same size," Will said. "But this cabbage grew and grew...and grew some more!"

Will never expected his cabbage to grow to a whopping 25 pounds while many of his classmates reported their cabbage had grown about 2-3 pounds.

Will's cabbage grew so large it was transplanted into larger containers twice before being placed in the family's garden.

"It was the biggest vegetable in the whole garden," Will said.

Putting the vegetable in the garden, however, posed a new set of problems.

"My biggest problems were the bugs, but the rabbits were bad too. We couldn't keep them away," Will said.

That's when Will - with the help of his grandfather "Pa" - surrounded the cabbage with tin walls.

Whether it was luck or a green thumb, Will grew the largest cabbage in Hook Elementary history and is now competing for a scholarship against other cabbage-growing third graders across the country.

"I really don't care if I get the scholarship - though it would be nice. I just like growing things," Will said.