Bluff Dale, due to the fact that it is a small, unincorporated town, should not have to put up with not only their streets contaminated with silica quartz sand, but their streets being destroyed due to the fact that the streets were not designed nor constructed for overweight sand hauling trucks.

The State of Texas cited this company for not having authorization to operate within 300 feet of a residence. According to the state, when they apply, they will have a hard time attaining said permit due to the fact that according to Texas Environmental Law said facility has to be 300 feet from any residence. There is a historical landmark in Bluff Dale that is less than 50 feet from the conveyor that is contaminating the area. As well as the Bluff Dale City Park, which is less than 75 feet away from the conveyor, and there are residences less than 300 feet.

Silica quartz sand dust causes cancer, arthritis, tuberculosis, bronchitis, lung cancer, pulmonary lung disease, kidney problems, silicosis, abrasions on the cornea, and even in some cases, death according to the MSDS sheet statistics. And crystal silica is hazardous.

Said company chose Bluff Dale due to the fact that there is no city council, mayor, and no codes. They are taking this wonderful little frontier town and turning it into a sandbox with destroyed streets.

One of these days an emergency will arise and the fire trucks of Bluff Dale will have to depart and these silica sand exposure trucks will be in the way of the emergency vehicles trying to get to the scene.

According to Texas Department of Transportation, this company is to follow the Haz Mat Routes, a situation, which has come into question and is being investigated.

There is no signage to the public of hazardous material; according to the MSDS sheets supplied by the silica sand supplier, the silica quartz sand is hazardous to humans.

City of Bluff Dale, Erath County residents, an oil service company is not self-regulating, nor are they God, as they seem to feel.

Every state and federal agency has noted the excess of the degree of silica quartz sand in piles. Employees are to be only exposed to the product for eight hours, while the Bluff Dale community is exposed to it 24/7. This oil service company does not care; itís all about the financial gain of the company vs. the health and safety of Bluff Dale, Erath County residents.

Residents need to contact State Representative Sid Miller and voice their opinions.

Residents need to understand and realize this is a very serious health and safety issue. Letís tell them to leave the sandbox and go home!

Bob Pilger

Mountain Lakes