Most of those attending the June 14 meeting concerning the library were in favor of more library space.

However, there was no consensus of opinion about how to get it.

In about 1999, after the terms of 30 year use as a library, the city of Stephenville became its owner.

Suggestions and debates kicked the idea around then about “what to do.” At that time, I spoke before the City Council and was told that the budget committee would meet in August (in what year?, nothing was done).

Those who spoke June 14 had a wide range of suggestions, from “whatever it takes” and “let’s not tax everyone to death.”

But, without some idea of how to proceed, this is no more progress than eight years ago.

Can the existing building be enlarged and an elevator installed? A lot of work need to be done in the interim, waiting for a decision.

Opponents of the idea cite the lack of parking space should it be expanded to the back.

Has anyone considered buying adjacent service property to the south? The site would have to be cleaned up from probable contamination but it is surprising this was not ordered by the EPA several years ago.

Some argue there would be no parking space, but the city owns the large parking lot to the east.

Yes, some patrons would have to cross the lane at the bank and Columbia, especially with small children.

Is that the only street anywhere they have to cross and cannot children be taught how to cross safely?

Some want a Senior Citizen Center, convention center and who knows what else in combination with the library- far from the downtown area. The present site has been a good central location for many years.

I am admittedly (and proudly, a senior citizen) but the corner of South Loop and know nothing about the Senior Citizens facility, but it looked nice and roomy last week when we visited. As to a snack center, etc., in the library, there are restaurants all over town with these facilities.

How would a combined facility, or even remodeling, be financed? Can grants be obtained or does the city have any usable funds? It appeared to me that many who spoke do not live in the city limits, and although they could not vote concerning the bond election, would also not be saddled with the taxes.

The corner of the South Loop and South Graham Street in the City Park could be built up for a building and parking lot. I have been told that it is in the flood plain and therefore un-useable, but the Birdsong Amphitheater was built this way.

Several important collections of historical and genealogical significance has been given or willed to other repositories because the Stephenville Library has no shelf space.

I have numerous books I would like to see available to the researchers here, but do not want them stored for “whenever.”

As mistakes in this letter will probably attest, my ability to read has been increasingly impaired so perhaps my family will have to sort out my collections.

So, many of us are waiting, and waiting.

Marilyn Ewers