With last year showing an average daily attendance of 94 to 96 percent in the months of September and October, Stephenville Independent School District administration said illness, including flu-like sickness, had dealt a blow to the district’s attendance in 2009.

At Monday night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd said the district saw an average daily attendance of 94 percent on Sept. 24 and the head count continued to decrease in the days that followed. On Oct. 6, the district saw an abnormally low attendance of 89.4 percent.

“We bottomed out on the sixth,” Floyd said. “If at some point we get down to 84 or 85 percent, the state recommends we review the situation and consider closing certain campuses or the district as a whole.”

Floyd said the decision to close campuses wouldn’t be easy since it would mean the entire student body, or students at certain campuses, would miss out on their education and be forced to make up those days later.

Since bottoming out, attendance has continued to rise, with Monday’s average attendance just below 94 percent, Floyd said.

The district is continuing to monitor the situation.