City Council should hear all views before

making decisions

To build or not to build - or to renovate, remodel or do nothing.

That seems to be the million dollar question surrounding what to do about the outdated city facilities that citizens and Stephenville City Council are trying to figure out what to do with.

Improving the Senior Citizenís Center, recreational hall and library will no doubt enhance the lives of those who will use them.

One city council member recently implied that the opinions of those who live outside of the city limits matters less than those who live inside the Stephenville city limits.

There are citizens outside the city limits who would use these facilities and all views and opinions should be looked at.

Decisions such as these require input from all the citizens. Those who live outside of the city limits but still work in Stephenville, shop in Stephenville, send their children to Stephenville schools and call this great city their own have an absolute right to make their opinion known.

They also have the right to expect to be heard equally by all members of the city council.

Then, itís up to elected member of the Stephenville City Council to decide whatís in the best interest of their constituents.

Not before all viewpoints are heard.

ó Stephenville Empire-Tribune