If Stephenville citizens are anxious to get away and enjoy a ‘bella sera’ and learn new things about the Catholic faith, they should purchase a raffle ticket by e-mailing David DeJong, chairman of the building committee for St. Mary’s Catholic church.

“The Diocese of Fort Worth is celebrating its 40 year anniversary and many of the leaders of the church are going on a pilgrimage to Rome. These two churches are auctioning off two trips for two that will allow parishioners to go with the church leaders and experience Rome,” said DeJong.

The raffle tickets, which cost $100, will be raffled for the trip, but just the purchase of a ticket guarantees a great meal provided by the Stephenville Knights of Columbus, admission to a concert and a chance to participate in a live auction. All of these events will be held on Saturday, March 28, at Brown Bella Vista Ranch.

The auction will contain at least 20 unique items including a personalized portrait session and a handmade quilt.

The dinner will be served by catholic students from Tarleton and donations from the meal will benefit their group. Proceeds from the raffle sales will benefit the building fund for both St. Mary’s and St. Brendan’s. The churches are hoping to build a classroom and multipurpose center with the funds.