There’s been so much in the news lately — O.J Simpson getting arrested, the New England Patriots getting fined, Britney Spears, and what about that movie guy, Spector, accused of killing a woman. I’m sure there are many other things making the news that I haven’t mentioned - and I’m sick of hearing about — so I decided to write about our first family Junior High football experience this past Tuesday.

It was like the first day of school or going on your first date, you know what I’m talking about (having those butterflies in your belly feeling). All week long before the game if I didn’t ask my son 100 times, I must have asked him 1,000 times, how was practice? Did you run hard? Did you say Yes Sir, No Sir? How do your friends like football? The only answer that I could get out of him was the infamous “I don’t know.” Come game day I knew I would have all my questions answered. Daily you want to teach your children to strive to do their very best in everything they do. Not just my son, but all of the kids that were out on that football field seemed to have it together. We were told by several people that we were going to get beat when we played Crowley; those kids are big and have played tackle football since they were 5 years old, they said. What had me scared was not the “big” part, but the “playing tackle” part. I knew our kids hadn’t played before and I knew it was going to take time for them to gain the knowledge and learn the game. Well, they surprised me.

I told someone who was sitting in the stands with me that I felt like we were watching a high school game. It was great!

And I can’t wait for Tuesday!

Rochelle Stidham is the Publisher of the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at 254-968-2379, ext. 225.