To fairly depict the Dublin community, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce has been seeking ways to grow its Hispanic representation.

According to, the Hispanic population was nearly one-third of the community in 2000, a percentage that has continued to increase over the past decade.

As of last week, the chamber is one step closer to fulfilling that mission.

At its regular monthly meeting on Oct. 1, Chino Rodriguez was unanimously chosen to fill a vacancy on the 12-person board of directors.

“He is so in touch with the Hispanic community in town and they have become a vital part of (Dublin) in the last few years,” Dublin Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Karen Wright said.

Rodriguez, who owns Chino’s Welding, has been a part of the community for many years, Wright said. He is well-known in town for his integral part in last year’s Cowboy Culture Celebration when he and other Hispanic riders banded together to bring a real-life cattle drive to the streets of Dublin.

“It was an amazing display of the kind of horsemanship these guys exhibit,” Wright said. “They are proud of their heritage.”

The heritage of the Hispanic population is one item the chamber would like to begin incorporating into its events. So far, the main idea is to host events that revolve around Hispanic heritage, which the chamber has named Fiesta Dublin.

With the ideas being taken from the drawing board to execution, Wright said the first step is to let the Hispanic community’s voice be heard.

Rodriguez said he is ready and willing to be that voice.

“The main thing is I want to represent my community, my Hispanic community,” he said. “Dublin needs a lot of work - people need to be working together. My idea is to promote all those activities and motivate people. People need to participate and educate their children about (what they are doing.)

I hope I make my people think that way. We need a leader somehow and if that is my opportunity, I am happy with that.”