The long-awaited Bosque River Trail project will soon begin construction. So said City Administrator Mark Kaiser at Stephenville’s city council meeting Tuesday night. The project has been in the works for over 10 years, when the city first applied for the grant. The project will provide the city with a hike and bike trail that stretches for 8,000 linear feet along the Bosque River. The walkway will be 10 feet wide and will begin under the Graham Street Bridge and end near Tarleton Street.

“It is very exciting to see this project moving forward,” said Kaiser as he announced that he had received written notice that the funds had been released.

The city will be accepting bids next week and hopes to award the project sometime in July, with construction beginning as early as late summer or early fall.

The council also heard an update on the Brick Street Restoration Project, an ongoing effort to repair the city’s unique paving material. The winning bid to renovate Vanderbilt, Clinton and Everett streets came in about $3,000 under budget.

Also pertaining to streets, Kaiser updated the city about the recent rash of road construction, saying that the intersection of Bluebonnet and Dale streets is near completion, and will be open Monday.

Also on Monday, the intersection of Harbin and Frey will undergo construction, and while Kaiser said that traffic will be able to move through it, he encourages motorists to find an alternate route. He also reported that the Sloan/Ollie intersection is open again and that the flooding which once plagued the area should be taken care of.