Dr. Jim and Barbara Terrell of Stephenville recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary during a dinner given in their honor by Alisa Terrell Starbird, James Terrell, Randall Terrell and Julie Terrell Oliver.

The couple was introduced by Jimís sister, Barbara Terrell Nix, while they were students at the University of Texas.

Barbara and her husband, Bill Nix, recently celebrated their golden anniversary, as well.

Barbara Terrellís parents, Dean and Alice Davis, celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1983. Jimís parents, Dr. J.C. and Ellen Terrell, celebrated their 50th in 1975.

Jim and Barbara were married on August 3, 1957, at Rice Temple Baptist Church in Houston. The Terrells have lived in Stephenville since 1965 when they returned to Jimís hometown to start his medical practice and raise their family.