One day after a gun-toting bank robber was unmasked, reasons behind what might have motivated the married, father of two to commit the crime, began to surface.  

David Wayne Crabtree, 41, was arrested Wednesday after allegedly confessing to authorities that he was the man responsible for robbing Members Trust Credit Union in Stephenville at gunpoint last Friday.

After calmly walking out of the credit union and driving away in his black Trailblazer, Crabtree allegedly stopped in to pay his insurance bill.

An employee of a local insurance company said within hours after the robbery, Crabtree walked into the office and used cash to pay his overdue bill.

“He didn’t have enough cash in his wallet, so he appeared to bend down and pull out some money from his boot (or shoe),” the employee said. “He even asked if we had heard about the bank robbery, and joked that it wasn’t him.”

The employee said Crabtree stated that he had been stopped by police twice within hours of the robbery because he apparently “matched the description” given by witnesses.

Police could not confirm if that was true, but a police spokesman said it was “entirely possible.”

“We stopped a lot of people that day who matched the description or whose vehicle matched the description,” Sgt. Sha King said.

Meanwhile, many who know Crabtree say they are shocked at the news.

Crabtree graduated from Eastland High School in 1986 and has no serious criminal history.

A friend who went to high school with Crabtree described him as a normal, unassuming “regular guy.”

According to his MySpace page, Crabtree has worked for Atmos Energy since 1991. Company officials would not comment on the case, but said they will cooperate with law enforcement.

On the Web site, Crabtree describes himself as a “proud parent” who loves to read, travel and make people laugh.

“I take life as it comes to me and try to learn something from it every day. Sometimes it’s the small things you learn from life that sticks with you the most,” he wrote.

Crabtree remains incarcerated in the Erath County Jail charged with aggravated robbery. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.