One of the Empire-Tribune's favorite annual traditions will once again be featured in Thursday's Thanksgiving edition.

Each year, we ask area students to tell us how they would prepare a Thanksgiving Day turkey. This year, second grade students at Chamberlin Elementary submitted instructions on "How to cook a turkey," and as always, their  suggestions were entertaining and hilarious.   

The E-T staff spent days compiling the instructions, carefully typing in each one exactly as the students submitted, then scanning in several pieces of the students' art work.

To give you a sneak peek of what's to come, we are sharing a couple of our favorites.

Lane West in Mrs. Todd's class writes, "Get a cage and trap it then when you trap it put it on the stove and put a gun up to it and shoot it then when it is dead put it in the oven then when it is done you have a fresh turkey."

Think that's funny? Read another.

Jacob Stacy in Mrs. Daugherty's class writes, "I wood hunt it with a 22 wen I shot it I wood pluck all the fethers of it. Then set the oven to 325 and make some fancy spice sols and cook the turkey. Then put the fancy spice sols on the turkey after I get all the fat out of it. And put it in the oven set to 325 and after it cooks I will freze it till Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving me and my family will eat it up. yum, yum!"

Want to read more? Then don't miss Thursday's special edition of the Empire-Tribune, where a six-page section featuring our children's perspective on the holiday will add joy and happiness to your Thanksgiving Day celebration.