Residents stood huddled outside of the Parkview Apartments Monday night and watched as their belongings went up in flames. Others, whose apartments managed to escape the fire's wrath, stood speechless, watching as firefighters battled to save their homes. Kam Monreal who lives in apartment No. 832 with his girlfriend said he had just arrived home from grocery shopping when a neighbor began banging on doors and screaming that there was a fire. Monreal said he joined in the effort to alert neighbors and watched as the slow moving flames began to spread across the roof of the apartment building before firefighters arrived at the scene. Stephenville City Administrator Mark Kaiser said dispatch received a 9-1-1 call about 8:30 p.m. that a fire had started in the apartment building located near Stephenville City Park. By 10 p.m. fire crews had the blaze under control. The fire appeared to have burned two or three units, but its cause is still under investigation. At least three firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion.