Erath County 4-Hers showed off their talents and heart recently at the 2007 Youth Fair held in conjunction with the Erath County Stock Show. In addition to having their items judged, 4-H members held a silent auction donating their projects and baked goods to raise money for a worthy cause. In previous years, the funds have gone to Tsunami relief and the Erath County Fire Departments. This year proceeds from the silent auction went to the United Way of Erath County. It proved to be a great way 4-H could give back to the agency that has always been so supportive of Erath County 4-H clubs.

Sponsors for the 2007 Youth Fair were Erath County Farm Bureau and United Cooperative of Stephenville. Thanks to their sponsorship, 4-Hers were able to earn prize money for winning first, second, or third place on their projects.

In addition, a local benefactor, Sallie Smith, donated two western style quilts for 4-H to raffle to earn even more money for United Way. 4-Hers from around the county sold quilt tickets. Thanks to Bank of America and Town and Country Bank for allowing the quilts to be displayed in their lobbies. From quilt sales ($1,070) and the silent auction ($322), $1392 was donated to United Way. Winners of the two quilts were: Cindy Williams of Hideaway, Texas and Jerry Huston of Stephenville.

Youth Fair Results:

Best of Show for the entire 2007 Youth Fair went to Eva Fredericks for her crocheted poncho. The poncho was made from a variety of fibers, including mohair, fun fur, wool, and hand-spun yarn. Eva also took the time to crochet pony beads on the fringe. Congratulations to Eva! Remaining results are as follows:



Jr. - 1st place - Quinton Whitfield

Sr. - 1st place - Matt Willis


Jr. - 1st place - Jace Willis

Int. - 1st place - Westin Wells


Jr. - 1st place - Eva Frederick

2nd place - Shylee Smith

3rd place - Morgan Cavitt

Participation - Payton Whitfield & Sarah Pruetz

Sr. - 1st place - Katelyn Smith


Jr. - 1st place - Tallen Halliday

2nd place - Shayna Roberts

3rd place - Conner McKinzie

Sr. - 1st place - Olivia Hogan

2nd place - Chris Starnes



Jr. - 1st place - Shylee Smith

2nd place - Sarah Pruetz

3rd place - London Jones

Int. - 1st place - Hollie Million

2nd place - Kelley Royal

3rd place - Kline Jones

Sr. - 1st place - Olivia Hogan


Int. - 1st place - Kline Jones


Jr. 1st place - Breads - Morgan Cavitt

2nd place - Breads - Payton Whitfield

Sr. 1st place - Breads - Chris Starnes

Nutritious Snacks:

Jr. 1st place - Tallen Halliday

2nd place - Shayna Roberts

3rd place - Sarah Pruetz

Sr. 1st place - Katelyn Smith

2nd place - Chris Starnes


Promote 4-H

Jr. 1st place - Payton Whitfield

2nd place - Shayna Roberts

Int. 1st place - Westin Wells

2nd place - Hollie Million

Sr. 1st place - Chris Starnes

Two clover kids (under third grade) participated in the contest and received participation ribbons - Jacee Halliday and Riley McKinzie.

Special thanks to the families who worked hard to make this Youth Fair a successful event. Youth Fair Chairman, DeAnna Powell, would like to thank the following people for their help: the Hogans, McCameys, Royals, Smiths, Wells and Whitfields, as well as Barbara Taylor. Also a huge thank you to all of you out in the community who purchased raffle tickets and made this United Way fundraiser a success!