Ty Murray’s celebrity bull riding premieres tonight. The first of six episodes, five of which were filmed in Stephenville at Murray’s 2,000-acre Erath County ranch, airs at 8 p.m. on Country Music Television (CMT).

The sixth and final episode was shot at a Professional Bull Riding event in Nashville.

Erath County had the opportunity to take part in the action as spectators during the filming in and around Stephenville and with an event at Gilbert and Julie Carrillo’s 4-C’s arena. Besides bull riding, the show will feature plenty of other entertainment including a barbecue hosted by Ty Murray and Jewel for the celebrities and friends at their ranch. The event turned into open mic night and is worth seeing.

There are rumors about “Rocket” Ismail, the former Dallas Cowboy who was famous for his great speed, being challenged to an impromptu foot race, and footage of Vanilla Ice’s tribute to Murray with a tattoo. The celebrities spent the week at a local motel and were seen at various businesses around town.

“We wanted to pick guys from different walks of life for this show,” Murray said. “The experience has been an interesting one. I really didn’t know how it would shake out before we started, but I am proud of the results. People have no way to relate to the sport of bull riding like they might to other sports because there is nothing else like it. Take baseball, football, basketball, even NASCAR. Most folks have picked up a bat and tried to hit a ball, shot baskets, driven a car, maybe not at 200 miles an hour but they can relate to driving a vehicle. Lots of folks have never even seen a bull, much less tried to ride one.”

The group of celebrities composes a variety of personalities. Viewers are able to watch as Ty teaches them how to ride a bucking bull and how to fall off as well. The experience includes a few trips to Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital, where Stephen Baldwin was treated. Baldwin was the show’s first casualty and was unable to ride in the event at 4 C’s.

Bulls used during the “boot camp” at 4C’s were chosen with a wide-range of bucking ability and certainly not the top athletes in the pen - but they still gave the inexperienced celebrities plenty to work with - and spectators a real appreciation for the sport.

CMT is shown on Direct TV channel 327, and Dish Network channel 166.