Desert-like humidity and high winds are expected to pose the highest fire danger of the season Tuesday.

"A fire is likely inevitable if it gets an ignition source," said Chris Gable, Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue coordinator.

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning Monday that will not expire until Tuesday evening. A dry-line will move through Erath County this afternoon with 25 mph winds following, according to the NWS.

NWS fire advisories can be compared to the watches and warnings issued for tornados and other dangerous weather.

"The fire watches and red flag warnings are the same as other weather watches. If a red flag warning is issued, a fire will likely occur," Gable said.

Erath County's humidity level is predicted to sit at 12-14 percent - even less than Phoenix which is expected to have 15 percent humidity.

"Conditions are very favorable for fires," Gable said.

Fire departments are urging residents to avoid outdoor activities like welding, cutting, shredding and grilling, which can spark flames onto dry vegetation.