Tommy Bryant

Summer brings some dangers unique to this time of year. This applies especially to kids and cars. Here are a few safety tips that can help children enjoy a safe summer.

While driving near parks, playgrounds and residential streets use extra caution. Children are playing and are often distracted. They can not judge speed and distance the way an adult is able to. In the year 2000, almost one out of three children injured in Texas during the summer were either on foot or bicycle. Slow down. Go slow enough to give yourself time to react. Move slow enough to watch the sides of the road for children. When you are able have children play in backyards or in play grounds. Remind them not to chase balls into the street. Never leave your child in a parked car. In a five year period more than 150 children have died from hyperthermia. If the outside temperature is 90 degrees the inside of the car can hit 150 degrees quickly. There is no such thing as a “quick errand”. Take your kids with you. Never let a child play in or around a motor vehicle. They can be accidentally run over or put a car in gear and cause injury or death. Drive with your headlights on. You don’t need them to see but others need them to notice you. Never assume someone will see you, stay alert to what is happening around you.

The above information was taken from Texas Journey magazine, National Safe Kids Campaign, and information from General Motors.

Tommy Bryant is sheriff of Erath County.