Russell White

This article is provided by the Victory Baptist Church and Pastor Russell White.

May all who read this article consider being a blessing to others on a daily basis. In your home, on the job, in the church, and around the community: letís ask the Lord to make us a blessing to someone each day.

We must first learn how to receive a blessing Genesis 12:2. I know that within the context here, the Lord is talking to Abram about being a part of bringing the Messiah into the world Galatians 3:16; but we too can receive a daily blessing from God. Sometimes receiving a blessing involves "getting out" beyond our normal surroundings. At other times receiving a blessing involves "getting involved" in the lives of strangers, or folks we donít normally associate with. The love, devotion, and respect we long for are "out there", if we will go after them by seeking to be a blessing to others. The praise and thanks we long for is waiting upon the lips of those we seek to be a blessing to each day. Our blessings from God, many times, comes through the people and places we know and go. Christians are blessed when they attend Godís house. Godís children are blessed when they reach out to other believers, and those who do not know Christ as their personal Saviour. If you will only learn how to receive a blessing, then you can learn how to be a blessing.

Then we can learn how to be a blessing Genesis 12:2. Without receiving a blessing we donít know how, nor do we have any thing to share that would be a blessing to someone else. The Lord Himself blesses us, and makes us a blessing. When we try to be a blessing in our own power and thinking, we usually fall on our face: but when we receive a blessing from God then we can share it with others successfully.

Among the Jews a blessing was a present, or gift; it was accompanied by kind wishes for the welfare of the recipient, and it was meant to increase the happiness of the one receiving the blessing. When was the last time you gave anybody anything? When was the last time you expressed kind wishes for the welfare of someone else? When was the last time you said or did anything to increase the happiness of a person who had received a blessing? Learning to recognize and receive our individual blessings from God, helps us to assist others in seeing their blessings from Him; even during difficult circumstances.

Have you received a blessing from the Lord today? Of course you have, you just might have been too busy or involved to notice. Have you been a blessing today? You could have, if you would have only recognized the blessings of your own life, then you could have been a blessing to someone else. May we begin to pray: Lord, make me a blessing.

The Victory Baptist Church is located on FM 2303, Pigeon Road, in Stephenville, Texas. The church has been here around 25 years, and God has recently allowed to build a new facility so that we might better serve our community. Our phone number is 254.965.3087. Our Sunday morning services are at 11am and our Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services are at 7pm. We have traditional services with singing, specials, and preaching. May this article be a blessing to you.