In response to the letter submitted by Mr. Sanchez - he had my sympathy until he verbally attacked the “Animal Control Officers.” Then the statement “dump them (dogs) at the animal shelter!!!

I admire and respect the ‘officers’ and the employees of the animal shelter. I could not do their job but I do try to donate items for cats and dogs and hope it helps them with their jobs.

Shirley Anthony, Stephenville

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank everyone who help me in Stephenville Medical Clinic, Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital, and surrounding outpatient care

groups, this last year and now.

Doctor William Evans and his staff will always be appreciated for the great care and service during my hip surgery and followup. From

hospital to Community Nursing Home , the doctors, nurses, and supporting staff did excellent job in my treatment and stay.

Doctor Dick Frazier, Sally Sison(Frazier's Nurse), Doctor Jeffery Moore, and Doctor Nanette Evans are appreciated for quick response to my cancer. From my clinic visits to my hospital stay, doctors, nurses, and their supporting staffs are very much appreciated for their excellent care and for going the extra mile. For my outpatient care, Home Care Direct and their staff are doing wonderful job in their continuing service, even in bad weather.

Louise Pless, Stephenville