With a sluggish economy, several aspects of family life have changed. But when it comes to purchasing weekly groceries, thrifty shoppers need not skimp on anything.

Rebecca Lampman, a grocery shopping guru, has a few pointers for those looking to save money.

Lampman, whose family has owned several grocery stores, said her first stop for shopping is the Tuesday edition of the Empire-Tribune, where she finds weekly circulars for local grocery stores, including H.E.B. and Kroger in Granbury.

While both stores boast of their own deals, Lampman usually takes them to Wal-Mart, where price comparisons are honored at the register.

“I’ve saved $80 in a week with price comparisons,” she said.

When asking for the discount, the circulars must be presented to the cashier. If it is a store that requires a membership card, like Kroger or Albertsons, the shopper must show the card to the cashier for discounts to be honored.

Lampman’s savings don’t stop there though.

“If you take shopper ads and coupons, they will honor each,” she said.

The price comparisons come in especially handy when it comes to purchasing meat.

“You can get them to re-weigh their prepackaged meat (at the register) and honor other (stores) prices,” Lampman said.

If the sale is on one particular type of meat, for example brisket, but the need is for another, like hamburger meat, most times the meat market is willing to grind the brisket into hamburger meat for the customer at no charge and honor the original sale price.

“My grandfather did that for years,” Lampman said.

She said Wal-Mart will honor price for price on name brand and store brand products, but will not honor buy one, get one free deals.

There is another local grocery store that offers buy one, get a whole lot free deals though. H.E.B. began offering “Combo Loco” deals to customers.

The specials change every week, ranging from purchasing hamburger and receiving hamburger buns, chips, dip and cheese at no additional cost to purchasing a two-pound block of Velveeta cheese and receiving a can of Rotel and Wolf Brand chili for free.

There are specific brands that must be purchased for the combos to be honored, but they usually result in significant savings, sometimes totaling more than $7.

“Something else (shoppers) can do is go online and print coupons,” she said.

Web sites, like couponmom.com, offer discounts with printable grocery coupons, grocery deals by state, restaurant coupons, online coupons and even free samples.

Visitors can sign up for a free membership on the site and gain access to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Lampman said she is happy to share her knowledge with others, after all it is something her family shared with her.

“It came from years of being raised in a grocery store,” she said.