HUCKABAY - District UIL was swept by Huckabay teams this year, but those same students were unable to stop the teachers’ baseball team at the city park.

The annual UIL picnic marks the close of academic competition for the year. More than 160 elementary, junior high, and high school students participated in contests this year. Huckabay junior high and high school teams brought home first place district honors. Sixteen students advanced to regional competition.

The UIL picnic tradition features a hot dog cook-out and all kinds of activities. This year, the event culminated with a faculty versus student baseball game. Faculty, led by “Coach” Chris Morrow, won an 11-5 run victory. The student team reported irregularities in the scoring. Both teams are looking forward to next year’s match-up.

Senior Kayla Schnaubert coached the student lineup. Those players were seniors, Karra Schnaubert, Sam Stewart, Sam Moon, Aaron Pugh, Chelsea Williams, and Sabrina Mees; juniors, Dixie Hemby, Scott Collum, John Pugh, James Carpenter, and David Garcia; sophomores, Samuell Prieto, Crimson Rich, Seth Williams, Jessica Smith, and Joseph Jackson; and from junior high, Bekah Pack, Kaitlyn Dowell, Zach Lowe, Naila Esquivel, Nick Smith, and Maggie Weiss.

Faculty team members were outnumbered by the twenty-four student athletes. Playing for the faculty team were principal Chris Morrow, superintendent Cheryl Floyd, and teachers; Stephanie Traweek, Joey Goodwin, Amanda Lisso, Cheryl Konz, Dale Collum, Josh Smith, Nick DeLay, Kirk Conklin, and Dean Edwards.