The Stephenville Independent School District is celebrating a recent announcement by the state’s commissioner of education. In a recent letter to SISD Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd, Commissioner Robert Scott stated that Hook Elementary, home to the district’s third and fourth graders, will be reclassified from a Recognized to an Exemplary campus.

Floyd said he is excited about the district’s improvement as a whole, and is thrilled to have more than one campus in the district rated as exemplary and another recognized. He said students and teachers are making great strides and growing closer to the district’s goal of having all campuses ranked as Exemplary.

“Our students are definitely progressing,” Floyd said. “And we look forward to them being recognized for their continued progress.”

For accountability purposes, Hook is paired with Chamberlin Elementary, meaning both campuses will soon display banners noting their Exemplary achievements. Also showing progress, Stephenville High School achieved a recognized rating for 2009.

Hook Principal Kathy Haynes explained that a new system put into place, the Texas Projection Measure (TPM), and a clerical error in adapting to the system, caused one student to be calculated into two different accountability categories. The TPM projects if a student will be successful on the following year’s testing.

“We had a student who took two tests that fell in different categories and caused the numbers to be thrown off,” Haynes said. “That caused the student to be counted as a failure.”

When the school was announced as being a recognized campus last summer, Haynes said she was certain the error would be corrected and the school would be reclassified, so she appealed the rating.

Haynes said in previous years the campus has been “pretty close” to achieving the Exemplary rating and said the recent announcement is a testament to the hard work of the students and teachers.

“I work with a very committed group of teachers and they, and the hardworking students, deserve all the credit,” Haynes said. “This recognition, to be noted for that dedication and drive, is really something special.”

Haynes also said just as the score of only one student stood between the school and the highest possible rating, she will continue to remind each student of their importance.

“We try to always tell the kids that one student can make all the difference,” Haynes said.