Dublin Mayor “Red” Seigars believes in continuity.

“Things are going smooth,” Seigars said. “We’ve received good reports on the Grist Mill project and Pedestrian Parkway. All organizations are working good.”

Seigars became a Dublin resident 20 years ago after a move from Maine. He began serving on the Dublin City Council in 1992 and has been mayor since 1999.

Seigars is proud of the accomplishments made for the city since taking office.

“We’ve done a tremendous amount of things in that time,” he said.

Having been mayor for eight years, Seigars said during that time he has been through four city managers all with their own talents, but he is especially proud of his relationship with the current city manager, David Carrothers.

“David and I work awfully good together,” Seigars said.

Seigars has four grown children only one of which lives in Dublin.

Seigars is running on a record of success, he said.

“I pledge to keep Dublin moving forward.”